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London v Dublin #GJCITIES

5 July 2016 Back to Blog
National Convention Centre and Samuel Beckett Bridge on River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland

National Convention Centre and Samuel Beckett Bridge on River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland

Ask anybody who lives in Dublin to name the capital of Ireland’s most notable sights or attractions, and the answers will range from the residents’ legendary hospitality, and in particular the Temple Bar area, the Guinness Storehouse in the heart of the St James’s Gate Brewery to the views over the River Liffey.

Dublin, Ireland - May 23, 2015: People gather in front of the Temple Bar in the Temple Bar district the evening that the marriage equality proposal, which authorizes national legalization of gay marriage, was declared passed. The proposal passed by a margin that surprised most people.

Dublin, Ireland

It would be a shame not to give 13th century Dublin Castle, St Patrick’s Cathedral and even the stunning coastline just minutes from the city centre an honourable mention, but no visit to Dublin should end without a visit to the zoo.

Located in Phoenix Park in the heart of the city, Dublin Zoo is one of Ireland’s most popular family attraction and welcomes over 1 million visitors each year to the 69-acre site containing more than 400 animals.

Recent additions to Dublin Zoo includes the Orangutan Forest – home to Sibu, his mate Leonie, their daughter Riona, niece Mujur, who was born in Dublin Zoo in 2005, plus siamang gibbons.

The habitat is inspired by the rainforests of Borneo and includes 11 trees between 7 and 12 metres high that encourage the orangutans’ natural climbing behaviour in addition to an island measuring 80 metres long and 20 metres wide.

Other noted sights in the zoo include a baby Rothschild giraffe, born in October 2015, which takes the number in the herd up to nine. This figure is all the more impressive when you realise fewer than 670 Rothschild giraffes remain in the wild.

Irish president Michael D Higgins opened the zoo’s Sea Lion Cove last year. At the time, zoo director Leo Oosterweghel commented: ““Every detail of this saltwater habitat has been considered carefully with the needs of the sea lions in mind and always inspired by their natural habitat.”

Meanwhile, Dublin Zoo took inspiration from the Gir Forest in creating and designing its Asian Forests habitat – home to its endangered Asian Lions.


ZSL London Zoo is also playing a central role in educating the public on conservation issues and supporting global conservation breeding.

The London attraction, which had more than 1.2 million visitors to its Regents Park site, has recently opened Gir Lion Lodge.

This unique experience within the Land of the Lions development offers visitors an overnight stay in the zoo. Many of London’s best homes have views over the River Thames, but London Zoo can offer a room with a zoo!

Guests bed down in lodges inspired by the welcoming charm of hotels in the lions’ native India. In addition to the bespoke, luxury accommodation, guests will enjoy a two-course dinner and full-English breakfast. Entry into the zoo on both days and exclusive tours led by our passionate and knowledge hosts, are also included in the experience.

During the zoo tour, visitors will see the work of Project Seahorse, which was set up in 1996 to protect seahorses and their habitats.

Other sights at London Zoo worth catching are the recreated South American coastline of Penguin Beach, the African-style Gorilla Kingdom plus the nocturnal galleries of the Rainforest Life pavilion, where everything is designed to show off the birds and the beasts at their best without disturbing their daily habits.

London Zoo has some of the best homes in the capital – if you happen to be an exotic mammal, bird or fish.

For details of luxury homes that suit your London lifestyle, fill in the Contact Us form on this page.

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