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Nine Elms Market Update – February 2024

8 February 2024 Back to Blog

Market Overview:

Continued Development: Nine Elms remains a hotspot for development, with several new projects expected to be completed in 2024 and beyond. This constant influx of new properties will continue to shape the market dynamics.

Steady Demand: Although market activity has slowed down compared to the peak of 2022, demand for properties in Nine Elms remains steady. This is driven by the area’s strong infrastructure, desirable location, and increasing amenities.

Price Stabilization: Experts predict a stabilization of average property prices in 2024, following the slight decrease observed in late 2023. However, individual property values may vary depending on factors like size, location, and specific features.

Investment Potential: Experts still consider Nine Elms a promising investment opportunity due to its long-term development plans and potential for rental income.

Key Trends to Watch:

Impact of Rising Interest Rates: Rising interest rates may affect affordability and dampen buyer demand, potentially leading to longer selling times in some cases.

Completion of Major Projects: Completion of major projects like Battersea Power Station and the Northern Line extension could attract new residents and investors, potentially boosting prices in specific areas.

Shifting Buyer Preferences: Buyers might prioritize properties with outdoor spaces, energy efficiency features, and access to green areas, reflecting changing lifestyle preferences.

Nine Elms Market Update – February 2024

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