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Curzon Victoria

Curzon Victoria: A Cinematic Haven in the Heart of London

Embark on a cinematic odyssey at Curzon Victoria, a haven for film enthusiasts seeking an exceptional movie-going experience. Located at 58 Victoria St, Westminster, this vibrant cinema offers a captivating blend of cutting-edge technology, luxurious amenities, and a curated selection of films that will transport you to new worlds and ignite your imagination.

A World of Cinematic Excellence

Immerse yourself in the magic of cinema at Curzon Victoria’s five state-of-the-art screens, equipped with Sony 4K projection and 3D technology, ensuring unparalleled clarity and visual brilliance. Settle into the plush, reclining seats, designed for ultimate comfort, and let the captivating stories unfold before your eyes.

Beyond the Screen: A Cultural Oasis

Curzon Victoria extends its allure beyond the screening rooms, offering a sophisticated cultural hub that fosters conversation and connection. Step into the dimly lit lounge bar, adorned with red velvet curtains, reminiscent of a David Lynch film, and indulge in a selection of carefully curated wines, local beers, and spirits. Engage in lively discussions about the films you’ve seen or simply unwind in the intimate ambiance.

A Commitment to Cinematic Excellence

Curzon Victoria upholds the Curzon Cinemas’ reputation for unparalleled quality and innovation, ensuring a memorable cinematic experience. From the luxurious surroundings to the meticulously curated film selection, every aspect of your visit is designed to elevate your movie-going experience.

Opening Times

  • Monday to Saturday: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Contact Information

Address: 58 Victoria St, Westminster Phone: 0330 500 1331

Curzon Victoria: Where Cinema and Culture Converge

Step into a realm of cinematic excellence and cultural immersion at Curzon Victoria, where the art of filmmaking takes center stage. Let the captivating stories transport you, the luxurious ambiance pamper you, and the shared passion for cinema connect you.